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Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets is a multi-million dollar facility, renowned as one of the nation’s major regional livestock selling centres. Operating for more than 50 years, the Markets has grown to be the largest saleyards in the nation in terms of combined sheep and cattle throughput with in excess of 1.3 million sheep and 200,000 cattle sold each year.

The Markets are located on Boothenba Road, Dubbo, and present throughput value of stock sold is running at about $250 million per annum.  

Since 1950, throughput of livestock has dramatically increased. In the first full year of operation, the Dubbo market handled 9334 cattle, 145,843 sheep, 2667 pigs and 190 horses. In 2007 the market handled 178,845 cattle, 1,299,579 sheep, and 13,520 goats.

The Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets was one of the early saleyards to achieve Quality Assurance status under the National Saleyards Quality Assurance program and has also implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The saleyards is licensed by the NSW Meat Industry Authority and is classified as a Class 1 saleyards and the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets are accredited under the terms of the National Saleyard Quality Assurance Program.  

The facility is managed by Council’s Corporate Development Division.

On-site contact: Saleyards Manager Peter Brain, phone (02) 6801 4541 or 0417 272 844. 

Livestock sales


Fat cattle sales Thursdays, from 8.00am. Almost all cattle sold by auction by the liveweight method, with weighing taking place following the sale
Store cattle sales Fridays, as required. Conducted by open auction.
Fat sheep and lamb sales  Mondays, from 11am
Pigs  Sales by arrangement
Goats Sales held as required
Bookings Sheep and cattle sale bookings made direct with selling agents. Facilities are available for regular sales of cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.
Facilities Administration building, selling pens for cattle, sheep and pigs, resting paddocks, a covered selling ring, public canteen, leased offices, water for stock, hay sheds, three-bay computerised truck washing facility, public toilets, cattle scales, purpose-built cattle drafting facility, cattle crushes and effluent system.

Background and profile 

Acting upon requests of the Dubbo Stock and Station Agents, the former Talbragar Shire Council erected the original selling facilities on the existing site in 1950.

Now located on some 30 hectares, the livestock market has grown since its establishment from a small monthly sale operation into the huge selling facility that it now is.

Presently, 13 licensed stock and station agents operate at the Livestock Markets, ensuring a maximum of efficiency and service to clients. The sales are supported by numerous meat packing companies and butchers including 33 resident buyers.

Since 1975, the operation of the Livestock Markets has been on a totally self supporting basis. Any operating surplus has been set aside in a reserve account for use in replacement of plant and equipment and for improvements to the yards and other facilities.

Since its establishment, the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets have been continually upgraded to cater for stock sellers and buyers at no cost to the ratepayers of the City.  

EPA Pollution Monitoring Data

To access a copy of the Environmental Protection Authority's Pollution Monitoring Data for the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets click below to download.

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets Pollution Monitoring Data

To access a copy of the Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets Pollution Incident Response Management Plan click below to download.

Dubbo Regional Livestock Markets Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Gazetted Road Train Route

Road train access is now permitted along the following routes - Bunglegumbie Road, Troy Bridge Road, Boothenba Road

RMS Restricted Access Vehicle Map

Further information

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